Girls compete with each other, Women empower one another


MJ Fit began in 2017 when MJ decided she wanted to offer a gym environment different from all of the big-box options. Her mission was to make fitness enjoyable for women who found traditional gyms to be uncomfortable and frustrating. Since then, we have grown into a team of several strong women who share the same passion as MJ!

We are a boutique studio gym in the DTC (Denver Tech Center) area, offering personal training, small group classes, and nutrition counseling exclusively for women and children. We’re dedicated to maintaining an empowering and encouraging environment focused on helping our clients reach their goals. Our team is small but diverse, which allows us to pair you with the trainer who would be the best fit based on personality and goals. Our trainers and instructors are the best of the best, and truly love working in an atmosphere full of so many incredible women.

If you’ve ever felt intimidation or frustration in past fitness endeavors, let MJ Fit be the gym that finally provides the support and tools necessary to be successful in reaching your health and wellness goals! We know what hard work and discipline looks like, and because of the care we have for our clients, we ask the same commitment in return; so don’t worry, if it is accountability you are looking for, we offer plenty!


Check out some client reviews

I do personal strength and training 50 minutes sessions at the gym 2 times a week with Terri Ross. She is fabulous with the perfect balance of encouragement and push. I have the perfect sore after every training. Working with Terri makes me stronger in my triathlon disciplines and most importantly she makes me WANT to be stronger!


Terri, MJ, and MJ Fit are awesome! I was having a problem of no motivation to workout. I now feel motivated and excited to work out with Terri. She’s the perfect mix of down to earth, annoyingly attentive to form (in a great way! This is what I wanted), and fun to work with. I only know Terri and MJ, but 10/10 would recommend either of them.


Training with Marshelle has totally changed my life. Fitness for me used to mean spending some time watching tv while on the treadmill. Now, it’s all about customizing my workouts for what my body needs most and building fitness into my lifestyle. Marshelle truly cares about her clients, and it makes a difference in how you will think about fitness and nutrition in your life. If you’re thinking about whether or not you should sign up, try just one session with her. Though you might as well save some time and sign up for a package because you’re going to be won over.


I met Marshelle at 24 hour fitness when she she first got on board as one of their new trainers. As is customary with newly hired trainers, she offered me a free session. First impression: enthusiastic and not shy! Meaning, she wasn’t afraid to talk about her own training style which I’ve come to love. Why does that matter? Because I’ve been approached by many a trainers over the years I’ve been a member at 24. And they all spent their complimentary session with me as though though they were following a carefully scripted sales pitch. I watched her as she trained advanced athletes. Impressive. Then I watched her work out. Her petiteness is deceiving. She is a powerhouse. Equally impressive.

Denver, CO

Marshelle has been a true inspiration to my personal growth within fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being! She actively listens to my goals and creates unique varied exercises to keep me motivated, engaged, and progressing! Her personalized approach and tailored workouts have helped me overcome injuries that used to halt my workouts. Now I am stronger than ever and can stay on track with my fitness goals without my injuries being a hindrance.

Denver, CO

Having been out of the gym for quite some times, I admit I was a little intimidated to get back into it, but Marshelle changed that! I’m impressed not only by her knowledge, but her passion to help and ability to connect with her clients. It’s because of Marshelle that I have the confidence to go to the gym outside of our sessions. She is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far she can push them. She encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet she knows how much I am capable of. I plan to be a long-term client of Marshelle’s!


It is my absolute pleasure to train with Marshelle (in person and now online). I have worked out for many years and have tried various classes and forms of workouts. Marshelle has transformed my workouts and has showed me that I can push myself more than I ever expected. She is absolutely the best at what she does. Her dedication, knowledge, energy, and passion are unmatched. She dedicates herself completely to her task and goes above and beyond to help her clients. I am beyond lucky to have Marshelle as a trainer and know you will be as well!!!


The first time I dead lift a 90 lbs bar, it felt amazing. “I’m strong!” was the first thing that came to mind.  She stood there and called me a stud. I was full of smiles for the rest of the day. But little did I know, that was nothing compared to what I can really do now. I can easily dead lift 180 lbs, do pushups and sit ups (something I was never able to do before) and a bunch of other exercises that I did not even know existed before now.

I am truly thankful of Marshelle. She is a really inspirational women and trainer. She’s knowledgeable and has the ability to push her clients while making it fun. Marshelle would always check up on me asking things like: if I have any specific things I want to work on this month, how’s my meal prep doing, to how the Halo Top ice cream I’m eating. She’s very flexible and understanding, but the best of them all is that she’s clearly passionate in helping others achieve their goals. I’ve not only lost a ton of weight but I also gained so much strength! And I’m not stopping anytime soon, this has become my lifestyle!


What can I say about this woman? She is amazing.  I have been training with Marshelle for about 1 ½ years; the last 6 months remotely, since I live in Boston.  She provides me weekly workout routines electronically that both challenge my physical ability as well as keep me engaged without getting boring.  I never know what to expect when I open my program, but I am never disappointed.  She is available when I have questions and looks for my feedback and of course selfies (to prove I really did the workout) anyone working with her will be challenged and see results.😁

Boston, MA

I’ve trained with Marshelle for a year and a half now, half of that being remotely. It’s hard to explain what a positive difference she has made for me in my health; I’ve learned to lift weights and see changes in my body without even changing my diet (working on it!). Her positivity and workouts actually have made me enjoy going to the gym, a place that used to be daunting and ‘not for me’. Learning the ins and outs of the gym and using equipment, it’s now no longer intimidating or a big deal to go kill a workout! Above all this, Marshelle totally curates the workouts to your needs, limitations and goals. It’s a little intimidating when Marshelle is just casually squatting 200lbs or something, but she really is able to train you from any starting point, and get you to where you want to be. Marshelle is an amazing trainer and a friend full of support!

Boston, MA



We address concerns before they are problems, are clear in our pricing, honest in our interactions with peers, and with leadership, and our peers and leadership do the same. We ask for help when we need it and are met with honest feedback and guidance from leadership. Our job roles and responsibilities are clear.

Culture of Excellence

We go above and beyond by giving stickers to all our members after a workout, all our personal trainers hold nationally accredited certifications, we are expected to fulfill our continuing education requirements each year, and MJ Fit helps pay for this. We remember our members’ birthdays, and team birthdays, and celebrate them. We recommend the package/offering that is the best fit, not just the most costly one.


We believe the best in each other, and if there is a concern, it is brought to that person and leadership’s attention to be addressed. You care about MJ Fit, and treat everyone within it with respect and appreciation. Everyone within our brand is treated with respect, and the gym is well taken care of, and treated as if it were your own business.


We work together to make an impact in our community, not only through the offerings we regularly have at the gym, but through community service endeavors too. We encourage each member of our team to take on leadership roles by planning events, finding and attending events to promote yourself within MJ Fit, and including others in these opportunities. We also collaborate with our clients to create the individualized program they need to accomplish their goals. Our clients’ goals are our goals.