Another Client Rave

Another Client Rave

I can’t brag enough about the amazing, strong, fearless women I get to work with! My “job” really is so rewarding and everyday I am thankful that I found my calling so early in life. I will be graduating in May and know that I want to start my own gym, and after working with only women for over a year am really considering making my future business a women’s-only facility as well. I am making a big bittersweet transition soon, but know it won’t be the end to any of these relationships! Explaining a little more about that will have to be a later post…

 One of my favorite times during my week is during my Monday night TeamTRAIN class! Love these ladies! 
 Rachael crushing some pause squats. These are always a huge hit…especially on day 2! 

 This partner team makes for a badass duo! I paired them because they both had the goal of perfecting their form and lifting heavy. Music to my ears! 

 Steph being her usual awesome self. This was taken upon completion of by far our hardest workout yet! 
 Had to do a back-to-back with Gail to prove that we do sometimes do things other than deadlifts…like accessory work to improve said deadlift of course! Hehe

 Who needs an assisted pull-up machine when we can look way cooler with some banded pull-ups out of the squat rack?!
 Love these ladies! They both work for Healthworks as well and can never seem to escape me! They certainly do keep me entertained throughout our entire workout! 
 Probably the one time I got Julianna to actually stop and take a drink break…talk about loving HIIT–she’s the queen. 
 I hope someday I’m as much of a badass and as cool as Sheri! Great minds think alike–we hate unnecessary cardio! #bringontheweights
 A little more TeamTRAIN fun during my 6am Friday morning class! 
 Deadlifts for errybody! 
 Proof that I didn’t actually kill Sarah Mae this time! So worth all the torture…once it’s over that is! 
 Because if you don’t look absolutely adorable while planking with a giant plate on your back you’re not Steph! #stud

 Miss Alexa getting in some heavy leg work to jump start her week! #happymonday
 If only we could see her face; Sheri really loves wall walks! 

 Monday night TeamTRAIN working on that anti-extension training! 

TeamTRAIN from this past Tuesday! Such a die-hard 6am crew! 

Source: MJ Fitnatic