Bikini Show Prep–5 Weeks Out

Bikini Show Prep–5 Weeks Out

I decided to do a comparison this week to document my journey over the past 5 weeks. I will admit, there have already been times I regret signing up for my shows. If I hadn’t already signed up, paid, booked the hotel and hired a coach I really may have backed out. But knowing myself, I guess that’s why I committed so early! I have supported and trained a few clients through their journey to getting on stage, but I have also talked a few out of it. If you’re not 100% committed, the prep will be miserable and you won’t come in with the physique you’re hoping for.

Back in April, I tried to do a show but just couldn’t muster the dedication or discipline I had been able to in the past, so I put this goal on hold. At that time, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to the gym or continue eating healthy, I just didn’t have the time or energy to follow through with the volume training and cutting down to be stage-ready. I try not to be too dramatic since I did choose to do this, but man it’s not easy!

To be able to empathize with my clients who start training with me and are asked to make a complete lifestyle change is my biggest motivator! I will be opening my gym in August and wanted to have this show prep documented as another way of boosting my credibility and proving to any new clients that I practice what I preach and do also understand the struggles they are facing.

I’m not completely miserable though! I mean, my butt is looking better than ever and I get to eat a ton of peanut butter on my low-carb days, so that’s a highlight! I am definitely looking forward to my post-show splurge meal already! Ice cream, a burger, tacos, spaghetti… I WANT IT ALL!!! And then I will go back to my normal routine of meal prepping and working out 5-6 days per week! My diet is less strict if I am not getting ready for a competition, but I still keep it pretty clean.

This is 5 week’s difference. That hard work really does pay off!

Source: MJ Fitnatic