Bikini Show Prep–6 Weeks Out

Bikini Show Prep–6 Weeks Out

And now I suppose I should start adding in a countdown for the second show I am doing as well! The first show will be the OCB Albuquerque Pro Qualifier on March 11th and then the NPC Northern here in Denver on April 14th! If I am going through all the arduous work to get ready for a show I might as well put all my hard work to good use!

Since my last post, I have hired a coach and am excited to see the results of a more organized 12-week prep rather than the flexible 3 I have done in the past.

My diet is more organized and strict, but I am still eating a ton. I am not really cutting calories at this point, just cutting out sugar and eating my meals at consistent times each day. Most of my carbs are right around my workout which is always in the morning, and then I taper the carbs as the day wears on. I really don’t have any starchy carbs (only green veggies) after lunch time. This organization keeps me fueled and replenished post-workout when I still have most of my day ahead. To eat a bulk of carbs at night will cause an insulin spike before bed and will inhibit fat facilitation (fat burning) while sleeping!

The exercising…have I mentioned how much I HATE cardio? Well, I do and that has not changed. Thank goodness I have A LOT of willpower and am super goal-oriented. Right now I am doing 45-60 minutes of strength training 5 days per week and then 6 days of cardio with 1 being steady-state and the others being HIIT. I feel so accomplished after, but man do I despise my choice to do a show while I am mid sprint!!

I wanted to do these shows to document my journey to getting on stage. I have several weight loss clients and never want to forget or be unable to empathize with them on what they’re going through. The struggle of maintaining this lifestyle and still enjoying life can be overwhelming at times, but life is all about moderation and I always make sure to preach that to all of my incredible clients!





Source: MJ Fitnatic