Bikini Show Prep–Week 3

Bikini Show Prep–Week 3


Now that the holidays are over and I am back into my normal routine, I can really focus my lifestyle on getting ready for my show in March! Right now, I lift 5-6 days per week depending on how I am feeling and how busy I am with work, and then do cardio 4-5 days per week. My lifting sessions are anywhere from 40-60 minutes and then my cardio bouts are 15-30 minutes depending on if I am doing lower intensity endurance intervals or HIIT bouts. I mix it up depending on how I am feeling once I get to the gym!

I just joined a new gym that is LEGIT. Vasa Fitness has all of the machines, equipment and space I could ever need, and I am pumped to be switching during the middle of my prep.

Vasa is great for posing practice too. I have really been hitting the posing hard this prep; I feel my stage presence has hurt me in my past shows. I have no problem or fear of getting up on stage (I danced competitively for 14 years growing up), but the posing and routine is so specific for this sport and I have always felt a little awkward in my past shows.


I am still carb cycling, which I find works best for me in retaining muscle while still losing fat. In the past, I have cut too hard and ended up losing several pounds of muscle I had worked for months to achieve! Not this time.

I want to bounce back to heavy lifting and eating normally once this show is over, so I have educated myself as much as possible to on how to prep for a show while still maintaining my fast metabolism and as much strength as possible. With cutting carbs and calories overall though, it is inevitable to also lose strength. So far I have done better in retaining strength and muscle mass than in any of my past shows, so that’s progress to me!

Mondays and Wednesdays are my higher carb and calorie days, so I am right at 2,000 calories + exercise calories burned for those days.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are my moderate carb and calorie days, so 1,800 calories + exercise calories burned.

Friday and Sunday are my rest days, so I shoot for 1,500 calories and will up the Friday calories if I do happen to make it into the gym for cardio.

Source: MJ Fitnatic