Bikini Show Prep–Week 4

Bikini Show Prep–Week 4

I am currently 8 weeks out! I am feeling pretty good with how everything is going, but of course my show is still 2 months away and a lot can happen in between now and then. I am at about 17% body fat and hope to get down to 12% for my show, so I’m on the right track!


My split has stayed the same from last week, so this week I have/will get in 5 days of cardio and 5.5 days of weight training (I am just doing a quick core/cardio workout on Sunday). I have been lifting pretty heavy to combat as much muscle breakdown as possible while at a caloric deficit. I am still seeing some muscle loss, but certainly not as much as I have in past cuts.

For my cardio bouts, I typically do shorter HIIT workouts for the efficiency and effectiveness of this type of training. I want to retain as much strength as possible to be able to jump back into powerlifting after my show! Steady-state endurance exercise will reduce power and explosiveness due to your fast-twitch muscle fibers turning slow-twitch to adapt to a slow-paced type of training–we don’t want that!


Carb-cycling keeps me sane, so that is my diet plan I will stick to throughout my prep. Of course, my calories and macros will change as I get leaner, but I will continue to vary my carbs and fats throughout the week. My protein will remain the same (between 140-145g).

The 1,500 calorie days are proving to be a challenge for me; even though these are my “off days,” I still feel ravenous from how hard I have worked the rest of the week. This is to be expected considering how long it takes your body to recover from a strength training or HIIT workout. The average time where your metabolism is heightened is 42 hours…NOW who would rather hit the weights than the treadmill?! Exactly 😉

Source: MJ Fitnatic