Create Your Own Home Workout

By Terri Ross

We are all at home doing the best we can to stick with our goals, take care of our families and fit in some self-care, which is hard with all the spas and salons closed! I’ll be the first to admit that self-care doesn’t always have to include a workout or a manicure, the things that the world tells us women need to do as self-care. BUT sometimes, a good sweat sessions IS exactly what you need. It can lower the effects of depression, heighten your cognitive ability and over time can level out hormone imbalances. Exercise IS good for us, there is no denying it. But how do create your own program? We have you covered. The following images give you options to create workouts that include all types of movement; bend and lift, lunge, push, pull, and rotation. You have options for upper body, lower body and cardio, and you can adjust with or without weights and bands. If you have questions about any of these exercises or how to modify to your body’s needs, please reach out to your trainer at MJ Fit. We would love to help you put together a program. And you can even train virtually in the comfort of your own home!