Don’t Lose Progress During the Holidays!

I completely understand the holidays being a stressful time for most, but don’t fear losing the progress you’ve made by overindulging. We all want to get to a point where we understand our bodies well enough to eat when we feel hungry, stop when we feel full, and enjoy the food we love without guilt. To provide some guidance, here are my go-to healthy breakfasts and a bodyweight workout that can be completed in a hotel room!

Also, most people wait until January 1st to get their butts in the gym, either on their own or with a trainer. Because this is the trend, it is PACKED for the first few months of the year, but MJ Fit is offering a promotion for new and returning clients, both in-person and online from now through December 31st. The best time to seek the guidance and expertise of a fitness professional and/or nutritionist is before the holidays take over. This way, you will putting in the work throughout the holiday months, and will be less likely to overeat or choose unhealthy things on non-holiday days.
“Cheat” meals are fine and necessary but don’t let those turn into cheat weeks!

Healthy Continental Breakfast Choices

Of course there are going to be pastries, waffles, and sugary cereal, but most of the common continental breakfast items will provide a healthy and well-balanced start to your day (and fuel for the workout that day)! These are just a few examples of my go-to’s while I am running through the hotel breakfast buffet on my way out the door!

-Greek yogurt w/ granola and berries

-Hard boiled eggs w/ buttered whole wheat english muffin

-Eggs & bacon

-Whole wheat toast, avocado, eggs

-Cheerios, milk, banana

Hotel Room Workout

This workout can be modified to fit all ability levels, but first start adjusting intensity by changing the rest period as needed. My 45 seconds is a guideline, and is recommended to be taken at the end of each round with minimal rest between exercises. If you don’t know one of the exercises, they should be Googleable! If you are having trouble finding it, feel free to reach out with questions.

Workout: Full body
Exercise Reps Weight Sets Rest Notes
Program Notes:
Jumping jacks 30 sec
Butt kicks 30 sec
High knees 30 sec
Alternating straight leg kicks 30 sec
Calf raises 30 sec
Arm circles 30 sec
Reversed arm circles 30 sec
Circuit #1
Slow squats 15 Bodyweight
45 sec
Take a 4 count on the way down to the bottom of your squat.
Alternating reverse lunges 10 each Bodyweight Keep the chest lifted!
Burpees 10 Bodyweight
Circuit #2
Incline push-ups 10 Bodyweight
45 sec
Side plank 30 sec each Bodyweight Can be performed from the hand (harder) or elbow (easier)
Mountain climbers 30 sec Bodyweight
Superset #1
Straddle sit-ups 15 Bodyweight
45 sec
Sit up tall at the top of each rep
Russian twist 15 each Bodyweight