Frequently Asked Questions

What does a personal trainer do?

Our job is to provide the best service to our clients and to give them the tools and knowledge necessary to reach their goals—whatever those may be. We don’t believe personal training is just about the physical aspect, but it is about making health and wellness a lifestyle that is maintainable and enjoyable. When working on strength training with our clients, we focus on proper form, and take all precautions to reduce the risk of injury. At MJ Fit, we provide both exercise programming and nutrition counseling.

What makes you (MJ Fit) different from other gyms?

MJ Fit is a gym exclusively for women and children, and with that comes a very fun, challenging, empowering, and welcoming  environment. Care and education are two things that set us apart the most. We are passionate, caring, driven women who are excited to work with other women live a healthier, stronger, and more confident lives. All the trainers and instructors are required to complete continuing education credits each year to stay current, educated, and certified. We choose what we focus on with these continuing education credits, so each of our trainers and instructors is able to further grow within her chosen specialty.

How long will it be before I see results?

This depends on how committed you are. You will feel the changes before you see them: better sleep patterns, more energy throughout the day, better mood, balanced hormones, less unhealthy cravings etc. Depending on ability level, medical history and goals, we will create a schedule breaking down workout days and rest days and will set a timeframe to reach all the goals we have set together.

What can I expect to be the hardest part about making this lifestyle change?

This is totally dependent upon the person. For some, it’s getting to the gym on scheduled days without a trainer pushing you, and for others, it may be the change in diet. Whatever it is, we are here as a resource to help overcome these obstacles!

Do you do meal prep classes?

We do not at this time, but if there is enough interest, we would love to offer regular meal prep classes!

Can you do individualized meal planning?

We offer nutrition counseling paired with personal training, or you can do the personalized nutrition counseling by itself.