Feeling Defeated or Overwhelmed? Tips from a Mindset Coach

Feeling Defeated or Overwhelmed? Tips from a Mindset Coach

Have you ever felt defeated when you were trying to reach a goal? Overwhelmed with work, parenting, or any of life’s many other responsibilities?

We have all been there. As a trainer, I always try to be aware of what may be going on behind the scenes in my clients’ lives as this will inevitably impact their motivation to show up for themselves in the gym and in other important areas pertaining to their health such as sleep, nutrition, and stress. And while it may be helpful to think, “Control the controllable and don’t worry about the rest,” this doesn’t necessarily address our self-defeating beliefs that we are not capable of overcoming the challenge or achieving the goal.

So how do we approach obstacles that feel nearly impossible to face? We want to draw from our strengths and think about how we can apply them to the current situation. While that may sound cliché, the exercise below can be very helpful in fostering resilience and squashing those disheartening inner thoughts.

Think about a time in the past that you were successful in accomplishing a goal you set out to achieve. How did you make that happen? What resources did you tap into to help you along the way? What personal strengths did you leverage in order to reach your goal?

Now, think about the obstacle that you are currently facing. What similarities can be found between this current challenge, and the previous one that you were able to overcome? How  can you use those same innate strengths to cope and make progress towards your present goal?

This exercise is meant to create a perspective shift when it comes to dealing with frustration. Rather than focus on how we are failing, we want to think about our past successes and realize that we are capable of doing much more than we realize! This is all part of promoting a growth mindset, which will help you in both your fitness endeavors and your everyday life. If you are struggling in your fitness journey, we are here to encourage and help you work through those frustrations. So don’t hesitate to tap into your trainer as a resource!