How Mindful Eating can Aid in Weight Loss

How Mindful Eating can Aid in Weight Loss

With how busy most of us are, it’s all too common to multitask while eating a meal. I know I do it, but I am trying to get better about intuitively and mindfully eating. For most of us, it’s incredibly easy to ignore portion sizes, feelings of fullness, and the flavor of the foods we are eating when distracted.

When this happens, the calories stack up. If calories aren’t tracked, we already tend to consume more energy than we estimate, according to Brian Wansink, author of “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think.” He believes multitasking can make the situation worse. It may seem like a far more efficient way to spend your lunch time at work, but an actual break in the middle of the day to recuperate from the work grind will help you come back refreshed and more productive!

The mindless eating tendencies will lead to creeping weight gain and will inhibit your weight loss potential.


Developing awareness while eating sounds simple. But, it can feel challenging when you’re just starting. That’s why it’s a good idea to see the technique as a fun experiment rather than a daunting task.

When you take a bite, make sure to fully chew and swallow it before taking another bite. This will allow you to favor the flavor and deliciousness of whatever you’re eating that you often tend to eat too much of. People who have tried this strategy have felt satiated after one cookie rather than needing an entire sleeve of them.

Once you’ve mastered the art of savoring and enjoying your food, you can do more mindful eating long term by putting the fork down between each bite, as a reminder to finish one mouthful before taking the next.


Many people find resolutions that take an “all or nothing” approach are impossible to follow through with and they tend to sputter out quickly. So, vowing that you will now eat mindfully for every single bite of food might become overwhelming, and it can set you up for disappointment or frustration if you’re successful only part of the time.

Instead, consider increasing your mindful eating gradually. Maybe today it’s mindfully eating one bite. Some experts even advise starting with a single blueberry, and really focusing on everything about that tiny fruit’s flavor, texture and aroma.

As you begin to incorporate more of these mindful moments into your meals and snacks, it will likely lead to greater awareness about what you’re eating, and most important, why you’re eating it.

Source: MJ Fitnatic