That Post-Competition Life

It was such a relief to finish up my meet in June, and now I am working on finding more of a work/life/fitness balance. That won’t be too hard considering how I’ll be leaving for my Europe trip this coming Monday July 25th! I have found myself at a plateau and am excited to see what I can accomplish with switching up my training and focusing more on how I feel and giving myself more rest than I do when I am preparing for a show or a meet. I have been feeling pretty good in these last few weeks with training this way and can already see an improvement in my performance and motivation in the gym. This trip will also be a great reprieve that will also do my body good! 
Here are some videos I’ve compiled over the last couple of months of some of my favorite exercises…and some repeats that show my REAL favorites! Hehe
Some pause squat action to work on increasing power at the bottom of my squat
Some wall walks to add a little conditioning into the mix
245 deads going up on a Tuesday
225 deads on speed training day
Because pushups aren’t awful enough as is 
And a little more conditioning work

Source: MJ Fitnatic