Training Specialties


We work with women and children wanting to lose 10-15 pounds to feel healthier, and those who are making a more drastic lifestyle change to lose a significant amount of weight. Our trainers are experienced in coaching clients through this journey with empathy, accountability, and consistency.


We offer pre and post-natal services in both exercise and nutrition. It is important to maintain a healthy routine during pregnancy to help the body prepare to deliver a strong and happy baby, and ensure recovery after giving birth is quick and easy. Exercising throughout pregnancy has also been thought to decrease cravings, boost mood, improve sleep, prevent excessive weight-gain, decrease nausea, and lessen postpartum depression.


We offer programming in athlete nutrition, PCOS and other insulin-resistant conditions, hormonal disorders, bikini bodybuilding prep, vegetarianism, veganism, holistic healing, and weight loss.


Our trainers are experienced and passionate about changing the lives of young people with disabilities by helping them become strong, confident, and healthy. Many of our young clients suffer from eating disorders, anxiety related to new tasks and experiences, discomfort in social situations, and unwillingness to step outside their comfort zone. We strive to connect with our young clients to make exercise and eating healthy enjoyable and rewarding.


We offer low-impact classes and personal training sessions for clients recovering from injuries, or those feeling the negative signs of aging. In senior fitness, our goal is to prevent injuries, guide clients through corrective exercise if needed, and help our clients grow stronger to maintain independence. Physical activity tends to improve cognitive functioning and counters some of the natural reduction in brain connections that can occur during aging.


We specialize in olympic weightlifting, speed and agility training, plyometric/power training, and injury prevention exercise. We work primarily with team sport athletes, but train many equestrian, dance, gymnastics, runners, and golf athletes for both exercise and nutrition.


Olympic weightlifting is great for athletes, or those who are looking to advance his/her skill set. It increases metabolism and caloric expenditure while also improving coordination, strength, and power.


We have different programs available for bikini bodybuilding competitors looking to get on stage with the best physique yet. MJ Fit loves guiding new athletes through the process of getting ready for bikini debuts, and we also work with seasoned competitors ready to enter a more competitive arena with the goal of winning a pro-card.


We have trainers who have been racing for years. We build programs for incredible athletes who need to shave a few seconds off of their time to win, and runners who are new to competitive racing and need guidance getting started. Your trainer is a seasoned coach who runs races regularly herself, and who holds the skill and experience necessary to lead her athletes toward ambitious goals.


Scientists have found that regular exercise can decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep and boost self-esteem. Our trainers have been through a variety of personal journeys, some overcoming mental health conditions themselves. We are grateful for the chance to help our clients change their lives; we work with clients suffering from eating disorders, anxiety, depression, self-harm tendancies, and low self-esteem.